What’s Just?

Have you ever wondered why  this subject called Moral Science was taught to us merely up till junior high while the humanity needed it all throughout, much prior to the need of maths, history and them all?


Have you ever known that a certain thing was wrong, but couldn’t help because it wasn’t in your hands and felt so guilty but helpless?


For an instance, when I see my neighboring family’s parenting by a father that comes home drunk screaming at his spouse in front of 10 and 15 year old minds that still believe in Santa Clause and the magical world, hitting them later in the name of parenting and constantly reminding the kid about how he is chubby and ugly, any educated person would feel like dragging that man to the jail. But am I capable of that?  In a country where the people try to keep as far a distance from the law as possible? Where the public is terrified at seeing a cop approach them rather than feeling safe?

Today the little ones get disgusted with themselves even before the tooth fairies steal from under their pillows, at being bullied, discriminated, laughed at, because of their appearance or color or so. Even before anything, these kids learn what biasness or favoritism is. They know they need to have brands. They know they need to be the best. Do you think that is right?

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In a country where rapes have become so common that we have a separate name for the capital of the country i.e also known a Rape Capital.So common that we no longer talk about it, because enough discussed, enough mourning done, enough marches held, its a common now. Reportedly one case every fifteen minutes. Happens with everybody. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen to us, and if it does, we’ll just do the mourning once more.

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After all that,  my relatives suggest me on how not to dress up provokingly. Well, they are the same people whom never have I heard giving any such suggestions to my brother. But will I say anything? Answering back the elders is against our culture, they said.

There is no ending to this topic if elaborated. In a country where the person buying a packet of gutka at a stall complains about how the government has done nothing for the untidy footpath, right at the next moment red-spits on from his running vehicle in between the road. Can you do anythi…Oh wait, I do, I stop that person and tell him not to do it again.


I agree, we can’t do what is out of our capacity. But we can surely do what is in our capacity. We couldn’t change that bad parent, nosy relative, corrupt government officials or the bully. But what we can do is, not be them ourselves.

The problem is, we are busy being judges and critics while we need to grow into being appreciators and supporters. While we are busy teaching, lets take some time out to learn, to listen and to accept.

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Love, Respect and Humanity above all.

You Think You Are Helping?

Despite India’s rapid development, poverty and begging still continue to be one of the biggest issues. One of the main reason being income inequality. A statistic may indicate that 70% of country’s income is controlled by 20% of that country’s residents.

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It is nice to see today’s youth very fond of helping the poor. I agree, feeding them a meal or donating a pair of clothes make them happy. But aren’t you just helping them with not having to work for earning a meal? The little beggar kid you fed last day because he was small and cute, what about when he’s all grown up and not cute anymore? Will he be done with his ever-since-childhood habit of begging that he’s mastered by now? Will he stop expecting from you?

Sadly, there is often more than meets the eye about begging in India. While the poverty is real, begging is quite often carried out in gangs. Beggars have also been known to deliberately hurt and disfigure themselves to get more money. For the privilege of begging in a certain territory, each beggar must hand over their takings to the gang’s ring leader, who keeps a significant share of it.


You will find women moving around with sleeping babies wrapped in pallu  and hand them some amount in pity without the slightest idea that the infant is asleep cause the little amount of alcohol fed to him so that they either sleep and not disturb them while they perform their act or get some temperature; works better.  It might sound harsh, but the fact is that its usually best to ignore beggars in India.


Lets get to the root cause. Unwillingness to work, mismanagement of money, increase in population etc. are a few reasons behind poverty which are totally curable. The cure being Education, Academic education, Sex education and Moral education.

So next time you want to help a beggar, just ignore them. There’s no need to look good in front of the society. That’s not called helping. If you know one such person who needs help and you are actually willing to, contact various NGO’s in the city to give them a better life, get them small jobs, or educate them. Otherwise, just ignore. That’ll be more of a help. This doesn’t apply for the eunuches since its our Government and Society that hasn’t accepted the sexuality yet.



Few NGO’s in Guwahati, Assam; http://www.indiamaps.in/ngo-of-assam/guwahati/